…waiting on the world to change is a waste of your time.



It was sometime between getting home from work and getting our kids to bed that we realized the world is changing around us, that the roles and rules that lead fathers and husbands and brothers to success in business were being rewritten by technology, society, and intellectually curious women like us.  We told our friends. They felt it too! We knew we had to get involved. And so, the FEMPIRE was born.

Our reasons are diverse: a desire to contribute to the female empowerment movement, an interest in understanding the “it factor” of a successful entrepreneur, ambition to be challenged and learn, a chance to make money, and a serious need to be with friends, drink wine and have a new conversation. The FEMPIRE satisfies all of this and more. We welcome new voices, new members, and the new world we’re helping to make a reality.

Our collaboration with SoGal enhances our common goal of promoting diversity, inclusion, and confidence in early stage investing and educating members on the early stage investing environment. Together we are creating an unprecedented opportunity for angel investors to learn from each other and from experienced venture capital investors who share our values and support our mission.

FEMPIRE x SoGal is an angel investment education community operated by the SoGal Foundation and led by the FxS Executive Board.

SoGal Foundation is a non-profit cultivating the largest global platform for the education & empowerment of diverse entrepreneurs and investors reaching over 100k+ people in 40 chapters around the globe. Their mission is to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

SoGal Ventures is the first female-led millennial venture capital firm investing in seed stage diverse founding teams who are shaping the future of how we live, work, and stay healthy.


FxS Executive Board


Amy Carlson

• Female investment evangelist
• Mom of two kickass kids
• Multi-tasking warrior


Jamie Silver

• Unapologetic spreadsheet enthusiast
• Proud mom of one …. Yep, I’m all set
• Human Swiss Army knife
• Social impact crusader


Jessica Bughman

• Early morning runner
• Organizing wizard
• Superhero Mama-Bear to three
• Devoted wine drinker + food lover