FxS will never meet in a conference room with coffee and fruit. FxS is cocktails and crostini. It’s getting dressed up to go out with your friends, or jumping on a Zoom in your pajamas with a glass of wine. It’s smart talk among ambitious people with real world experience who want to learn about early stage investing and all that it entails. FxS is a night away from your everyday life to hear from topflight entrepreneurs and investors, to learn, to laugh, to make friends, [and hopefully/maybe some money.]

FxS offers members an innovative and refreshing blend of learning, networking, and socializing via educational sessions, empowering and inspiring speaker series events, and intimate and fun dinners. FxS was designed for busy people who want to step outside their comfort zone to learn about early stage investing in an elevated experience that is worth their time.

As an FxS member, you will have the unique opportunity to access curated investment opportunities, receive mentorship during the due diligence phase, and take part in syndicates administered by SoGal Ventures. (Syndicates will allow for a lower minimum investment size than if you were to invest individually.) Members are never obligated to invest in deals.

Membership Requirements:

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to curated deal flow + syndicates**

  • Access to online educational panels and seminars

  • Discounted rates on all FxS events

  • Ability to recommend new founders + members

** Investment related activities are administered exclusively by SoGal Ventures as a separate and distinct entity from the FxS Community and the SoGal Foundation.  SoGal Ventures is in no way making investment recommendations to the Fempire x SoGal community. They are, however, curating opportunities for the purpose of education and empowerment to make an investment decision based on their personal due diligence. Additional fees and expenses will apply upon participation in any specific syndicate in the form of a percentage of investment profit [plus customary syndicate expenses]. [Learn more here.]